X-Guide Dental Implants

The Next Generation of Dental Implant Technology

X-Guide technology for dental implant surgery
Dental implants are often the best solution for restoring smiles that are missing teeth, and recent technological advances have improved the accuracy of implant placement and increased the overall satisfaction of our patients.

Dynamic navigation is a process by which the surgeon is guided inside the body in real time using 3D images and tracking technology. Avichai Stern, D.D.S. has been using this technology for years for trauma and sinus surgery applications. X-Guide is the first FDA approved device to apply this technology to dental implant surgery. X-Guide allows Dr. Stern to place dental implants with an unsurpassed level of precision and control. Adding this technology to our current capabilities at Havemeyer Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has significantly enhanced our ability to provide quality cutting edge care to our patients.

Computer-guided dental implant surgery is a new and exciting field of dental surgery, and X-Guide is a tool that allows Dr. Stern to see—via a computer screen—into your mouth as he operates. X-Guide technology scans, navigates, and similar to a GPS, directs Dr. Stern to exact locations as he plans and performs surgery.

As the first practice in the New York metropolitan area to adopt this proven and exciting technology, Dr. Stern and his team demonstrate their commitment to providing the highest level and highest quality care that makes a difference in experience and outcomes.

X-Guide—The Process

X-Guide is an interactive system which aids Dr. Stern in improving the accuracy of placement of each implant. Dr. Stern can confidently make and use a 3D treatment plan by accessing X-Guide’s live, 360-degree view of drill position and oral anatomy. This cutting-edge technology assists in our achieving consistent and desirable results, as it provides our doctor with real time data during the surgery. There are five simple steps in the process of implementing X-Guide.

x-guide dental implant placement in action

  • Dr. Stern makes a digital impression of your teeth with an intraoral digital camera.
  • A cone beam scan is taken of the area which provides a three dimensional view of the jaw bone.
  • The X-Guide software takes the data from both scans which allows Dr. Stern to create a virtual digital plan for the tooth and implant in 3 dimensions before the surgery.
  • At the time of surgery, a tracking device is placed in your mouth. This is what allows the X-Guide system to “see” the patient, in real time, during surgery.
  • Avichai Stern performs surgery with the previously created plan and under real-time computer guidance which leads to results that are up to 1100% more accurate than free handed placement.

X-Guide—The Benefits

X-Guide provides a variety of benefits for our implant surgery patients. This ultra-precise, advanced technology:

  • Saves time, providing immediate scans and treatment plans.
  • Improves accuracy by up to 1100%!
  • Provides same-day surgery options.
  • Often is less invasive than traditional implants.
  • Dramatically shortens operating time.
  • Shortens recovery period.
  • Digital records can be used to fabricate temporary and permanent teeth for the implant.
  • Patients with X-Guided implants have been shown to have improved long term comfort around implant teeth.

X-Guide is a tool that requires the skill and experience of an expert surgeon with experience in 3D navigation technology. Combining the latest advances in technology with the expertise of Dr. Stern, we have truly seen an increase in overall patient satisfaction and happy, healthy smiles. Call our Brooklyn, NY office today to find out more about X-Guide!

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As much as surgery is his passion, Dr. Stern also enjoys spending time educating his patients, catering treatment to everyone’s needs and making sure that they are comfortable with their treatment plan decisions.

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